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What is SEO?
Well, imagine you are searching for the best laptops available in the market in 2018 and
press enter, now what you see is a list of variety of tech or non-tech sites being enlisted with
their content and list. Now, on closer inspection, we see that the sites that are more tech
oriented sites that fit appropriately to the search are displayed on top and rest following the
hierarchy. All this is actually credited to a complex mechanism of search engine optimisation
in a search engine to prompt one result ahead of another.
In simple terms, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a type of digital marketing tool
focused on driving maximum number of traffic by pushing the site up on the search results
of various search engines. The search engines are basically the ones who bring to light the
organic traffic to a site making optimisation highly competitive. In the business, where it is
extremely popular it can bring a lot of exposure and revenue along with it. The logic behind
this process is the mechanism of cloaking which is used by search engines to categorise all
necessary information on surface on sites to be displayed in a hierarchy. So in this sense, the
site may actually boast all the words in a search to make in informational but not possessing
enough value of the content.
Strategies for Optimization:
The initial search engines in the market couldn’t actually do much and were rendered
ineffective. But the modern engines have evolved and use complex algorithms to draw out
results of each search efficiently.
Basically for successful implementation of SEO, there are few permutations or combinations
to be contemplated upon, such as:
 Usage of key phrases, widely used terms and this actually helps when a user types
that phrase, the search engine automatically pushes the combination on display.
 Update and maintenance of the site is extremely important and to have relative
content uploaded from time to time is necessary. So, if a site doesn’t produce much
content off late drops down in ranks or any other flaws such as broken links will also
affect the site’s search ranking.
 Another aspect to be vary of is not to display the company’s statements or name or
an important marketing material as an image file. It is generally due to the fact that
search engines only display text in the search results.
 Attention to the ease of access, usability, utility and design of the website are taken
in to consideration by the search engine. As well as quality of information is crucial
and sites with simpler and concise language tend to be up the ranks.
 Addition of partners to the site and their links also helps in giving an indication to the
search engine about the reliability and reference of the site.

Companies often hire a SEO specialist as they are able to understand the changing trends
and algorithm updates to the search engine better to stay ahead in the race. Now, it may be
possible to drive traffic with helpful old trusted techniques but it is recommended to hire a
professional which helps the site grow more popular and rise in stature.

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